Tohatsu Dealer, Rockhampton Marine is often approached by customers looking for the latest Outboard Technology in a package that meets a budget.In this case Adrian and his team could see a market for a mid sized aluminium boat packaged with a New Tech outboard that ticked the boxes for Fuel Efficiency, SimpliqiTM Technology and Exceptional Performance . The Stesco Catcher 4.09 is packaged with the MFS30CL EFI Four Stroke, Manual Start and Manual Tilt standard tiller which at 78kg was found to be a great combination. Ultimately what impresses most this pictured Boat/Motor/Trailer package and the larger 4.29 come in at under $13k.

Visit www.rockymarine.com.au for more details or contact your local Tohatsu Dealer for information on all the models in the Four Stroke outboard range.